Small talk, big business – that’s the idea of the successful networking event series; Spätschicht, hosted by Gruenderszene.

It's an occasion allowing exclusive guests to converge on an unusual location. Forget your ordinary nine to five events and enjoy a chilled and animated evening to feed the networking world with new ideas.
Spätschicht gives founders, investors and business angels the chance to network and exchange ideas. In order to make sure you’ll meet your perfect match, participants receive different coloured lanyards according to their background (startup, investor or service provider).

Only a group of handpicked guests receiving a personal invitation will be granted access to this special late shift.

Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg have become magnets for international talents and investors’ interest with plenty of room for ongoing growth and potential but only a group of handpicked guests receiving a personal invitation will be granted access to this special late shift.

On  Thursday, February 9th 2017, from 7pm to 1am Spätschicht goes into its next round of extensive networking  in Munich.

We hope to see you soon!


Upcoming Events 2017: 

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Past Events 2016: 
Past Events 2015: 
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Past Events 2014: 
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